PHP developer

Novi Sad, Serbia

What we need

We need an experienced PHP developer. You will be responsible for the technical architecture. Ways of work can always be discussed with our other experienced module developers. We expect you to make a rough estimate of the work and suggest different approaches if applicable. We prefer to have things made right. Quality > quantity. This of course doesn’t mean it can take forever. We only have this life to dominate the world. You can work independent on your stuff, within a bigger team. Testing out your code or installing it in an existing enviroment might be only your part of work, but we’ll try to keep that limited as much as possible. Sometimes you might need to take one for the team though.

What we offer

A competitive salary, extralegal benefits, you know, the usual right package. Not off the charts because money isn’t everything, but fair, competitive and with an open culture towards bonusses and sharing in good company results. We work in an open atmosphere, where anything can be discussed freely (yes, anything). We don’t think we know better, but we want to share our experience and meanwhile get the best possible out of you. We want to hear where you want to go and check if it matches. We always go for the win-win situation. We’ll get you the tech you need to get the job done, and help you develop not only great code, but also yourself. Our approach is pragmatic. We try to build the stuff that really helps our clients, thinking along with them about the challenges to solve.

What we expect from you

Our team loves what they do, and so should you. We follow new trends, keep a eye on upcoming technologies and try to get the best out of each other. You can program more than just some microwave oven. You have at least 3 years experience in PHP development. You can provide us with some examples of your work. You work according to PHP standards. Git, Solr, Varnish, Memcache are not new to you. You can write SQL as if it were your mother tong

Your application

Please send your application and CV to Contact us if you have any questions about this position.