magnet za ljubav Rale beba

Magnet for love

When we became parents, we realized how important is that children have all healthcare needed. Thanks to God, most babies are born healthy, but unfortunately some babies require special care.

There are companies that decided to take steps to secure needed healthcare for premature babies.

In Serbia there are small amount of hospitals that are equipped with medical gear to take care premature babies. That's why foundation "Magnet za ljubav" decided to help in buying expensive and necessary equipment such as MRI, Incubator, work station, sedation device and observing monitor which means a lot for premature babies, because doctors can't make a medical exams without it.

Organization was giving T-shirts to every company that give certain amount. Company can choose what amount wants to give. But whats more important that with that payment company saves waiting time for those babies and participate in a higher purpose.

Magnet for love T-shirts
We got T-shirts as a sign of appreciation :)

If you want to participate personally or as a company in this charity you can contact their organization and offer help.

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